Econex provides in-depth research and analysis on all aspects of health economics and policy for a number of large clients.

Examples of our work in the health sector:

  • Advised New Clicks on its acquisition of PM&A subsequent to policy changes about non-pharmacist ownerships to facilitate the entry of corporate pharmacies
  • Assisted clients during the litigation against the Department of Health’s regulation of medicine prices, and analysed the role of corporate pharmacies in the changing pharmaceutical industry in South Africa.
  • Advised at all levels of the pharmacy supply chain, having prepared submissions for the Department of Health on behalf of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Provided expert testimony in the large merger between Phodiclinics and Protector (on behalf of Medi-Clinic)
  • Provided export testimony in the large merger between Life Healthcare and JHM.
  • Assisted in preparing submissions for the Competition Commission’s ongoing healthcare enquiry, covering many important competition aspects such as the buyer power of schemes, pricing power of hospitals, demand induced supply, doctor incentives, and burden of disease.
  • Advised the Namibian Competition Commission on medical aid tariff negotiations.
  • Provided advice to the Zambian government regarding health insurance and options for reform of health insurance markets.
  • Assisted in the calculation of medical damages drawing from our knowledge of the composition of medical inflation.
Mariné Erasmus
Mariné ErasmusSenior Economist
For more information on our work in health economics, please contact Mariné Erasmus.