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Occasional Notes February 2019

Are pay-tv and OTT in the same relevant market in South Africa?


February 2019

Occasional Notes June 2016

Comments on select aspects of the NHI White Paper

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June 2016

Occasional Notes June 2014

Techniques for defining relevant markets and analysing competition in the South African private hospital sector


June 2014

Occasional Notes November 2013

Market Inquiry into Private Healthcare in SA


November 2013

Occasional Note August 2012

Medical Scheme Expenditure on Private Hospitals


August 2012

Occasional Notes April 2012

The use of concentration indices to measure competition in South Africa’s medical services markets


April 2012

Occasional Notes March 2014

Market Concentration Trends in the Private Healthcare Industry


March 2012

Occasional Notes May 2011

Using Excise Taxes to Address the Question of External Costs Related to Alcohol Consumption in the South African Context and Alternative Interventions


May 2011

Occasional Note November 2010

Health Expenditure in South Africa

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November 2010

Occasional Note October 2010

The Brazilian Primary Healthcare Delivery Model


October 2010