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Research Note 46

Medical Scheme Tax Credits and Affordability


August 2017

Research Note 45

Benefit Incidence, Financing Incidence and Need of Healthcare Services in South Africa

by , ,

July 2017

Research Note 44

Will the new sugar tax affect the poor disproportionally?


March 2017

Research Note 43

Safeguards in the South African poultry sector: an economic perspective

by , ,

January 2017

Research Note 42

Economy-wide implications of the proposed tax on suger sweetened beverages (SSBs)

by , ,

November 2016

Research Note 41

The impact of a sugar tax on SSBs on the prevalence of obesity

by , ,

November 2016

Research Note 40

Supply-induced demand in the private healthcare sector: Theoretical considerations

by ,

November 2016

Research Note 39

Teachers in the South African education system: An economic perspective


October 2015

Research Note 38

Assessing follow-on cartel damages in the SA construction sector


June 2015

Research Note 37

A new playing field: Market definition in a converged telecommunications sector


March 2015